Battle of Mannnan

Commanders: Sepratist

Yexis Yun

Commanders: Republic

Advisor-23(Only commanding clones) Master Shen Ya (Selkath)

Other Commanders:

Decriss Nanopine(GenoHarradan) Gildark Viz

Sepratist Losses

Countless droids, Yexis Yun

Republic Losses


Other Losses

Glidark Viz(Rebel) Countless secruity droids, Echani High Guard(Genoharradan) Selkath


Republic Victory

The Battle of Mannan was a four day battle on the Mannan. The battle was for kolto a healing substance that was replaced by bacta.The sepratist invaded the city with the GenoHarradan. The republic along with the Selkath Rebellion were the sepratists foes.

Day 1Edit

Citizens were evacuted to A16-B13-6A(before battle), Droids were dispatched, and hangars were closed down. The Republic arrived late day when A lot of the secruity droids were destroyed due to lack of combat experience  ( fighting heavily armed droids and whole armies of B1's wasnt what these secruity droids could handle.)

Day 2,3,and 4Edit

On day 2 droids were dispatched to heavy city centers while the republic guarded there back. many droids were low on sufficent energy thats why, the recharge station at Kiania was available. The Kiania station was saboutaged by the GenoHarradan making many droids deactivate and some droids due to Echani traps glitched and destroyed eachother.The republic still trying to find out who was behind this went further in. avoiding contact with the rebellion they pushed through. Day 3 the droids were all deactivated leaving it up to the Republic and what remained of the rebels. Day four the final day had a harsh battle between the sepratist and Republic ARC-23 along with various other squads were sent in to destroy the sepratist and its battle general. High Honor Fleet Echani General Yexis Yun was commanding the battle and took over each clone squad demolishing each clone. ARC-23 was gave orders to retreat seeing as how they had lost. Luckily before Yexis was able to destroy them, the Selkath Rebellion opened fire almost destroying Yexis he fled. ARC-23 met Glidark Viz the Once Mannan top secruity officer who helped them retreat from the battle. Yexis's Ship was destroyed before he could get to it and was trapped by the selkath. One final blow Tez a Selkath Tech and other Selkath Commando's helped destroy the main ship. Gildark was destroyed in the process holding off the GenoHarradan Shipmaster.


Recycled bots help find survivors reactivate droids and clean up the enviroment. The Republic left 2 days after the battle Senators had plans to help rebuild mannan.