Delta Squad.Was a Team of 20 TSF Members, All light weaponry Units,The Commander Varugy Moon Commisioned the squad to Defend Telos,The Whole giant squad Fought in the battle of Telos. Terminal Of District 499605(Nicknamed 1) Has Information on the squad Detailing:(Telos Iv: A Battle Between sith, Delta squad was commisioned there. Casulties: 12 Members And 15 Sentinel Mark IV Droids A Sith Bombardment Crew(4) All Destroyed 50 Sith Turrets. Enemies: 5 Sith Commandos,50 Turrets,12 Sith Soliders And 2 Grenaider Troops. Delta Strength: 20 Telos Trooper's 15 Emergency Telos Sentinel Droids. Battle: The Team was commsioned on a Zone Of War Billions of TSF soliders and droids were on the ground Delta went Inland to district 1 and fought brutal grounds to get to the Telosian Guard,After Half Way progress 12 Soliders were down,None to call for reinforcements,A Telos Sentinel Droid Came in with an army of 15 other Droids as they fought 50 battle turrets and a wave of Sith commandoes the droids were roughly beaten leaving the squad of Delta to help out the only surviving member of TG Ferix). That As the Records Say.