Devis trooper


Biography, Personalities. and Background.Edit

"Who is that monster, Master Qui-gon?"

-Devis talking with his former master Qui-gon before his death

"Kahar,I think I found a weapon you want to see."

-Devis on the comlink contacting Kahar

"There are ways to make a person not move but letting them live"

-Darth Revan (ghost) teaching Devis how to block Chi

"It’s gonna need to be upgraded, what canyou give me?"

-Devis talking to a ship engineer-

"We shall always live for there is no death as long as you believe in the force."

-Devis reciting the words from Revan as he trains him in the Jar'kai lightsaber form.

"You are now brought to Justice Darth Magit... This is for Revan!!

-Devis talking when he defeats Darth Magit for Darth Revan as a task.

When Devis trooper was born he lived on Dathomir and is now a male trooper/jedi/smuggler that was connected to the force that lived in Old Republic era. He was found on Naboo in 3,661 BBY with a brother who he thought was his friend. A Queen named Amidala knew him as a great pilot, when he went to meet her one day he saw droids taking her away so he tried to go free her when two jedi jumped down and saved her. He ran to her secret hanger where he met her onboard her ship and flew to Tatoonie where he got left behind by her so he went to around looking for a transport when he found a 100000Credits in the sand when he bought a used ship called the Ebon Hawk. He then later explored the ship where he found a lightsaber in a secret room is had a red crystal the and then made it his signiture weapon.He is now a master in the Jar'Kai lightsaber form and owns his own design of a republic cruiser. His companion is T9-01 which is still alive in Clone War Adventures today.