Fanon Evo

Evo's Insignia

Evo was a male Echani bounty hunter during the Old Republic Era.

Early LifeEdit

Evo was born to Yal Kon and Zher Vekk. At age 5 he started hunting and learning how to use Echani combat forms.By age 14  he fought the General Yusanis and Jedi Echani battlemasters.He progressed in fighting until Revan,with the republic killed his leader Yusanis. He swore vengenace on the republic from that day forward. Even though he was told the battle would be somewhat honored due to Yusanis and his fighting, Evo still was mad and didnt like how his people were not out to get revenge.

Bounty HuntingEdit

As he promised, he avenged Yusanis. He became a sith tool in destruction of Jedi. His parents had given him up at 15 and he had no job. Due to his combat skills he thought that he could score being a bounty hunter. He wasnt good at killing innocent people,but he didnt mind killing Jedi,thats why Evo went to the sith as a "Fist for Fight". He killed 55 Jedi in all by the time he turned Sixty, 49 republic officers and 200 Republic troops in sith battles. He also took 70 bounties. He was offered a job with the GenoHarradan he accepted he in all only completed 6 bounties due to his Overseer bounty which thus made him kicked out and almost a target.

Armor and WeaponsEdit

Evo carried several things including:

Echani Stealth Shielder(9+ Stealth) (2+ Defense)

(UPGRADED)GenoHarradan Mesh Armour (7 Defense) (4 Dexterity)

Echani Strength Booster( 5+ Strength)

Yusanis Gloves(3+ Strength)

Echani Insignia Blade( 12+ Damage

Lightwhip(11-11 Damage)

Insignia Belt(2 Strength 2 Demolitions 4 Stealth 2 Constition 3 Dexterity