Fx Mod

The Fex Armada was a large combat army consisting of assassain droids led by the infamous bounty hunter droid, FX-X120. The armada has six variants to there deployed units.


The Fex Armada was created in 366 BBY, after the breakup of the warlord controlled Arkanian Glove guild. In this event the leader, Aztin also known to be Arca Jeth's son, was forced to escape rival warlords because of the in-fighting of the his clan itself. He decided to trael to Moldar, a large factory planet full of twists and turns, mazes, and gears. The only residents were a sub-species of Jawas, Moldawas, these sentient rodents helped him secure a hidden cave away from the Arkanian warlords. Here he created a rebellion called the Aztin Ferra's Xypikr Revolutionary Armada. He along with the helpful Moldawas, created several AFXRA droids, (AF for short) and he fitted them with leftover rifles from his lost clan men.

The first batch was a success, led by a commando AFX, the team hunted local planets around Moldar gathering supplies. When the batch returned to see to their master, Aztin was programming the second batch. He had made an error in the droids binary code, and shortly after that FX came out and slaughtered Atzin, the other droids joined to help the Arkanian but FX destroyed all but the leader of the group, which he shut down. The crazed droid locked the Moldawas up and used the the code of the first batches leader to program loyal, leading, non-defective units. He then used the Moldawas as test subjects for his new droids. Thus the army was created, FX reassigned the name of the army, he didn't see a needless revolution to anything as this in his mind, was a new creation and nothing had needed to be revolutionized. With Aztin was out of the picture, FX adopted a name with a little consideration of its old one, called the Fex Armada.

Variants (Editing)Edit

The common assassians, Mods were plated with durasteel and held large, steel Arkanian blaster rifles.  The Mod(solider) ModX(Heavy solider) ProtoModex(Commander/captain/) ModTechX(Tech) Bodex(BodyGaurd) And the DEXDestroyer(Lethal Assassian).These Droids Were Programmed to serve FX's Army they had a second command,Visquis. The Droids Had Various Blaster's and Where About as hard to fight as the JekJek'Tar Patrons. They Were Encountered By Telos Guard on Different Worlds Commisioned By FX-X120. Fate: Many Where Destroyed In the Planets,Telosian Guard Encountered but ultimately They were Found and Shut Down/Destroyed in the Battle Of Telos IV.