Ranks of the GenoHarradan

The GenoHarradan was an assassian guild formed in the Old Republic Era. THe GenoHarrdan came out of secrecy during the Battle of Mannan

Wartime and Sepratist AlliesEdit

During the Clone Wars the guild had fallen hard because of the Overseers death that happens years before,this lead to outbreaks for control.Luckily, Geron Gadon the leader of X-Tech was famous for his ties with these types of things.Geron Gadon manipulated the surviving members to make him leader.For Profit,Use and for many more reasons he became leader.His competeitor Czerka Corp was already dealing with the stress of the Republic Clones on its back,now assassains were ruining their stock by,destroying shipment starships,known traders and about everything they had left. Czerka fought back with its own mercenaries and overpowering number compared to small elite assassian squads overpowered the guild and forced Geron Gadon nad his guild to retreat.Geron made deals with the Sepratistsso incase of emergency he could call upon their serves in exchange for weapons and 5% money made from X-Tech. The sepratists and Geron became good allies and eventually good war partners.

Battle of MannanEdit

The ties of both groups forged an alliance big enough to fuel a war. Decriss Nanopine second in command and a fan of the sepratist wanted to help the sepratist by letting the guild raid planets for them.Geron wanted no part of this saying it was dangerous. Unfortunetly Geron was assassinated later by Sepratist spies giving Decriss full command of the situation.Decided the Genoharradan created ranks, got support from the sepratists and recruited.The war was with Mannan Echani High Guard entered the battle destroying clones in every path.Eventually the squad ARC-23 destroyed there head ship along with its High Fleet General. They lost the Battle of mannan.


GenoHarradan OverSeers: Command

Echani High Guard: Protects,Serves

Offices and Intelligence: Spies,Creates Battles,Gives missions,Advises Soliders

GeoHarradan; Serves