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A confirmed photo

GenoHarradan Sabe's are a small exclusive force belonging to the GenoHarradan. Their primary duty is to sabotage known enemys. 


Sabe's are trained to sabotage anything from the smallest screw to a Deathstar like object. They are known to have trained for 15 years of this before they let into the field. During war time, the GenoHarradan allow only 15 members/3 teams. They are rumoured to have been trained in the ways of X'oni a poweful technique that uses raw energy, Kinetic energy, and the force to create a poweful, shielded, magma colored energy that can destroy anything.


The Sabe's have only been photographed few times(Image to the right). They only have ten members if not in "war time" and only work on exclusive operations. To some, they have been rumored a myth ever since the Battle of Mannan when the GenoHarradan was discovered.  Many civillians and soldiers have reported seeing them and only with few sketches.

GenoHarradan PhotosEdit