Lego Clone Trooper on Brighton beach

Havoc(Phase 2 Armour) Rodger's Friend

Rodger,Was a clone trooper who had a destiny along with his friends Ben,Steve,Lightning And his Loyal RC-XD Unit All Had Many Adventures,Including Fighting Agaisnt Order 66. The Team had various members and friends for Regular Republic wasnt. something was wrong they had to find out.they encountered Darth Maul in a slip space universe project that was abondoned,Another Parrel Universe And Also Encountered Ninjago Special Ninja's Who Held Rodger's Profhecy. ​​Trainning With Ninjago: Ninja's constantly spied on rodger he never knew only after(Season 5 in terms) He encountered Them,He Was a Canidate to save the galaxy along with Havoc Embo And Ben.