Prof. Neon Bunny
Prof. Neon Bunny
Prof. Neon Bunny and his intimidating moustache.
Vital statistics
Title Prof. Neon Bunny
Gender Male
Race Bunny
Faction Empire/GG'S/ Himself
Level 100.
Status Destroying all enemies who get in his way
Location Everywhere.
 "I will destroy anything, and everything that gets in my way. Enemy or not., it's dead."- Neon Bunny 

Prof. Neon Bunny was a lone bounty hunter created as a bunny/human to destroy all living matter that he was assigned to. He was reffered to as 'epic' or 'jedi-like' in his days as a assassian/bounty hunter. He was also a graffiti artist and sometimes used his graffiti cans as a weapon in battle agaisnt the Rebel Alliance.

Early LifeEdit

Neon Bunny grew up as any other super lethal vector assassian bunny. But his trainers(Darth Sidious/Darth Revan) considered him very special. He used very special force skills which he mixed graffiti paint with the force and made a neonish pink force which he used as a color scheme on his various techniques such as force lightning, force destroy, force Neon Bunny, and force epic paint. Along the way he trained with butter knives which he thrown on numerous planets with and killed every living being in it.  Eventually he was upgraded to a slight larger weapon which was the firing gun of a AT-TE tank.