The Selkath Rebellion was formed during the Battle of Mannan. It was led by Gildark Viz.


The selkath rebellion was formed to defeat the sepratist on mannan. Members were various Selkath from, Pirates, traders, citizens, and some of the selkath force(Which was abandoned years before) all joined to form this Rebellion against the Sepratist. Notable members are Gildark Viz the leader and Tez the tech.


Leader- Commands Rebellion (Gildark Viz)

Commando- Special missions in city

Kathian-Selkath Trooper has main hold

Tech-Repairs and fixes things. (Tez)

The RepublicEdit

Since this was a rebellion, the Republic decided to ignore it due to lack of firepower and some of its known rebels like, bounty hunters.The Republic didnt open fire on them either not considering them an allie nor a foe. On the last day the rebellion worked together with the clones to destroy the GenoHarradan.