Day 1, UmbaraEdit

We came across Seperatists attacking when we arrived on Umbara. We spent some time in the airfield holding out
Omega of Justice on Umbara

The company on Umbara.

against the droids. Eventually we got through the airfield and found a camp. Captain Dheeb and his Trandoshan Pirates attacked us and fought for the camp. We killed Dheeb and his pirates, then we left the camp to go on some adventures. Nearby was a pathway leading somewhere. We went up the path and found the Ancient Sith Academy. We went inside, but realized we'd made a big mistake. We were infected with the Blue Shadow Virus. We found a small tunnel beside the lava and escaped through there, being careful to avoid the lava. We got to our ship and took off. - Ranulph Shieldbreaker

Day 2, Ryloth Command CentreEdit

We landed on Ryloth in the morning. We bought a piece of land and began gathering our tools and other stuff. We started to build a command centre. We were doing well, with lots of teamwork. We built the whole exterior in a day, and made a start on the floor. It had been a long day, not much to tell, we basically just built until we decided to get some rest. - Ranulph Shieldbreaker