X-Tech was a weapons manufactuarer owned by Geron Gadon.It produced weapons for companies and supplied grenades and ammo to whoever offered to buy it. It itself sold, Droids,Grenades, Stimulants and other useful things. It had a small army of guards and sentinel type droids. it often let people rent there droids for protection. Geron Gadon gave a huge amount of his work to the bounty hunting offices and his Bounty hunting cantina.Overall the company was a sucess.


X-Tech had many rivals including ,Czerka,Industrial Automa and Mercz and many more for various reasons. Geron knew Czerka was a bigger company often crushing them in sales. Industrial Automa had limitless droids,  X-Tech could barely compete. Mercz was a common enemy that was crushed easily by the GenoHarradan on the first few days Geron became leader.


X-Tech Bio and Enginering was a variant that funded the Techno Union by giving them unused droids parts and various leftover things X-Tech had no use for in exchange the Techno Union gave them ship parts and rerepairable droids. X-Tech Bio and Enginering made starships, medical supplies and shipped everything to X-Tech.